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Welcome to the World of Cases and Variables!

SPSS is having its usefulness, particularly for the beginners in research. Keeping this in mind, the course intends how statistical tools, formulas, graphs could be used using SPSS for practical applications. The contents in this Module will equip the learner with knowledge on the introduction and description of data and to explore the very basic descriptive and inferential statistical analyses possible with SPSS. This is a hands-on computer based research oriented course. It assumes some knowledge of the Windows environment. It also assumes some statistical knowledge on the part of the learner.

Aims of the Course:

·      To familiarize the learners with basic concepts and potential applications of this statistical software and data management system.

·      To provide hands-on training in the application of statistical software (SPSS) for data processing.

·      To train the participants in simple statistics using SPSS.

·      To develop skills for interpreting data and communicating results.


It is instructed to go one by one to the links attached in this section-

1-For knowing the programme objectives click to the first file attached in this section.

 2- The learning devices opted for making you learn is listed precisely in Teaching-learning process. So get prepared for the methods adopted for making you SPSS savvy.

3-  Strategies opted for  assessing your learning shall be provided  in the link Assessment Strategies.

4- Do adhere to the timeline as and when  provided for pursuing this course as it will help you in timely completing this course.


Do refer to the above mentioned links for clarifying how this course will be rendered to you by the coordinator.

So, here your journey begins.

Happy Learning!

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