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Question- How you perceive the importance and relevance of SPSS for researchers? Cite one specific context of your own discipline

आप शोधकर्ताओं के लिए SPSS के महत्व और प्रासंगिकता को कैसे समझते हैं? अपने विषय से एक विशिष्ट सन्दर्भ के माध्यम से SPSS के उपयोग को उद्धृत करें |

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by Rajeev Semwal -

Importance of SPSS

SPSS is one of the Data Analysis Software which helps research scholars in statistically analyzing the data collected for research purpose. Without proper analysis we can't predict or draw a conclusion.It limits the possibility of errors which might occur if we go for manual analysis. It makes lengthy calculations very easy just on a click.

The possibility of research in tourism sector is very diverse. It can start from the complex behavior tourist to hospitality experience of hotels, hostels and restaurants It includes researching destination promotion requirements and destination performance expectations.If we take any of the researches the population size will be huge and from there we will be drawing a sample. To analysis the data we need a data analysis software with out which it would be a hectic job and possibility of error too.For ex- If we want to conduct the research on Perception and Satisfaction of foreign tourist visiting Jaipur. Here it would be very difficult to draw conclusion without a data analysis software as Perception and Satisfaction have there own -indicators & Factors.


SPSS is a paid licensed software which cost 90000 INR per year for individual license which is very high cost. But Open license software like "R" are very helpful and even the MS excel.

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by Sudhir Kumar Pant -

SPSS is a software tool used for analytical research, was originally launched as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences by SPSS Inc. This product was later on acquired by IBM in 2009 and renamed as Statistical Product and Service Solutions. This tool is widely used by researchers, statisticians and market research organisations as it provides flexibility and graphical user interface for easy use. Although, when user initiates any action on front end of tool, a back-end command is generated as a log, which can be used for future traceability and debugging. All the statistical calculations can be carried out using the tool and output can be exported to various formats like excel sheet, pdf file or a web page. 

I used SPSS tool for one of the survey conducted for study of emotional well being of private sector employees working from home during Covid19 lock down. The survey was launched in google forms and I downloaded data in excel format. This data was directly imported into excel sheet. There were few columns, which were as strings like Country, Marital status which were I could convert into numeric using Transform -> Recode into different variable or same variable. Similarly, after import of data, I was able to define values under variable view like for response 0-> Never 10-> Always.

I also needed mean value of group of responses like mean of 3 responses for positive emotions. This was possible Transform-> compute variables.

The cor-relation of responses among each other was carried out using Analyze-> Corelate -> Bivariate 

I finally used Data-> split file functionality , option organize output by groups to create reports grouped by say country, type of industry and Gender.

Overall, SPSS is a power tool for researcher and can quickly generate statistical analysis needed. However, researcher needs to understand the output from SPSS and interpret it correctly.



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by Rakesh Chandra Gunwant -

SPSS Statistics is software package used for logical batched and non-batched statistical analysis. This software is one of the most popular statistical packages which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instructions.

Mainly for research scholar who are versatile in their own core papers and quite weak in software part can prefer SPSS software for their further analysis as SPSS gives a  perfect graphical representation  and also an appropriate result for the data that has been entered.

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Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) is a versatile software and is designed in such a way that it can handle a large set of variable data formats.

SPSS allows the user to run many kinds of statistical operations viz,  ANOVA, Multivariate regression and so on and in single term provides Multi- platform support and broad interoperability.

Today, Yoga has proved itself as an alternative treatment for many diseases. As with other areas, Yoga is verifiable by scientific research and the credibility of results relies heavily on statistical inferences for generalization of findings.

The execution of postures and movement sequences with specific breathing rhythm associated with meditation undergo structural and chemical changes in key brain areas.For example, We see increases in the volume of the hippocampus with yoga practice. The hippocampus is involved in memory processing and is known to shrink with age.

In sum, Yoga is being widely studied and evaluated for its positive effects and benefits and to improve lives. Research on yoga needs the selection of appropriate statistical tool and/ or software to present data in meaningful manner with accuracy of results serves as one of the pivotal premises to ensure the quality of research and its credibility.

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SPSS is an essential tool for the research based on quantitative analysis. The data set received under the research study can easily convert to the required output with the usage of the available tools. It assists in computation of the results as per the research study data gathering. In each field as per the preferences to empirical studies the data analysis tool is highly recommended for computation and SPSS is one of these tools. With advancement of the systems in research area different advanced tools are available but the importance of SPSS is considered as basic skill set required enhancing the efficiency in the new tools.

Management discipline consist the amalgamation of different disciplines study together for the overall enhancement in different sector. It comprises Human resource, Finance, marketing and different other areas. In the study of human behavior, implementation of new policies, developing new strategies, decisions about financial effectiveness, financing decisions, marketing practices required the understanding of past and current scenario. Data from past and current practices are projected, evaluated and analyzed to determine corrections, innovation and development of different plans and practices for multiple dimensions.

My area of study (Human Resource) demands more understanding of SPSS tools so as to fit in the data into defined terms. It required more understanding of coding of data of qualitative nature to quantitative terms and then application of the tools as per the requirement of the research.

I have tried to implement the learning received under the sessions but still it’s a difficult task to practice.


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Spss is a software that is widely used by researchers all over the world due to its capability of handling large amount of data .i

Spss is a user friendly software because of which now a days most of the researchers are using it in their data analysis

spss can perform various operation like data editing,data analysis,draw graph, draw chart,perform various  statistical operations  i.e t test,anova,regression analysis,correlation, calculating frequency,mean,standard deviation,missing values etc with just a click.we can check the impact of one variable over other with help of various features available in spss.

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Re: Discussion Forum-I


SPSS means the statistical package for social sciences.It has a wide coverage of problem solving -t-TEST,z-test,ANOVA,f-test,non-parametric methods,regression analysis,time series analysis,multivariate analysis etc.

For research scholar who want to do quantitative research needs to present data in meaningful manner to come out with reasonable conclusions.In small sized data,may be handled manually or using pocket calculator.If large set of data exists,then a statistical package is required .SPSS is one of these packages.SPSS is very helpful in data checking in similar tabular presentation and in complex analysis .

In Education ,Let us take an example to understand the relevancy of SPSS .If we want to know which school has the best result and why ? we have lots of variables and also a lot of data to know this answer.In this time we need statistical calculation .SPSS provide these calculations in easier manner.Overall we can Say that SPSS is very helpful in quantitative data analysis.

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by Santosh Kumar -

Importantance and Relavance of SPS

The SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) was chosen because of its popularity within both academic and business circles, making it the most widely used package of its type. SPSS is also a versatile package that allows many different types of analyses, data transformations, and forms of output - in short, it will more than adequately serve our purposes. The SPSS software package is continually being updated and improved, and so with each major revision comes a new version of that package.There is no question that business, education, and all fields of science have come to rely heavily on the computer. This dependence has become so great that it is no longer possible to understand social and health science research without substantial knowledge of statistics and without at least some rudimentary understanding of statistical software.

many proprietary and freeware software packages are available that are suitable for different statistical analysis. Some of the proprietary software are SPSS, STATA, EVIEW, MINITAB etc., and few among open or free Statistical software are R, EPI-INFO, CS-PRO, to name a few.
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by Kamal Chandra Gahtori -

SPSS (Statistical package for the social sciences) is a software package for the analysis of data commonly used in the field of marketing, social sciences, healthcare and educational researches. It provides data analysis for descriptive and bi-variate statistics, numeral outcome predictions and predictions for identifying groups.The software also provides data transformation, graphical representation and numerical statistical values. The software interface displays open data similarly to a spreadsheet in its main view, the metadata that describes the variables and data entries present in the data file are displayed.   

        The SPSS package enables researcher to obtain statistics ranging from simple descriptive numbers to complex analysis of multivariate matrices. One can plot the data in histograms, scatter plots and other ways. Researcher can combine files, split files, sort files, compute variables and create new ones, interpretate missing values, re code data etc. 

        I used 35 samples in my activity. The theme of the activity was-  The data related to'' frequency of parent's visit to school of their wards studying in elementary classes during a month.......The variables taken are ''Admission number of students, gender, age of parent/guardian, occupation of the guardian and number of visits to school in a month. I computed variables for the activity, re coded data, identified the duplicate data and also replaced missing values in actual practice. The file so prepared was exported as PDF and submitted as asked.

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by MUN MUN -

SPSS stands for Statistical Package for Social Science

It is a software program that is used and gives near to equal importance for both Qualitative and Quantitative Data sets. It is very popular among academicians across the globe and widely used for statistical analysis of quantitative data sets mainly due to the growing uses of the quantitative methods for the validation of their analysis. Many other statistical software are available for the research purposes. Some of these are- Stata, Minitab, DataMelt, Scilab, STATWING, etc. Despite the availability of mentioned software, SPSS has a user-friendly interface and easier to handle large volumes of data, especially for beginners. Also, the researchers can take help from the range of tutorials, available on different e-resources to cater to their specific needs.

By using SPSS, the researcher can-

·       Convert people’s action and views (questionnaire) to an analytical form,

·       Collect, Organize and Transform data,

·       Perform statistical tests such as ANOVA (Analysis of Variance), t-test, f-test for data validation,

·       Obtain data output in the various forms of Tables, Charts and Graphs, and

·       Export results’ analysis or output into different file formats like- word, pdf, excel, etc.

As IBM reserves the copyright of SPSS software and the full version is not available for free in the public domain. But the researchers/users can use the trial version of SPSS for a specific period of time or they can part in institutional subscription (usually, available in the libraries of the Universities).

Now, it is clear that SPSS is a very useful and important tool for conducting the researches in Social Sciences. The importance of SPSS can be evaluated by observing it’s uses in Nation-wide Surveys (Census, SECC), Elections, Health care, Education, Marketing, etc.