The COVID-19 pandemic has imposed multifarious challenges before the conventional and ODL educational organisations across the globe. The learners face difficulty to access the learning materials, reach their instructors and various stakeholders. The situation is more prominent for ODL institutions where large number of learners belonging to different socio-cultural background are enrolled. The present scenario compels the educational institutions to search and adopt innovative ways to reach to their learners.


Technology is a solution to address many of those challenges. There are various user-friendly technologies that could be adopted to teach and reach the learners. Considering this a workshop on “Technology to Reach and Teach the Learners” is organised by the UOU.


Objectives of the Workshop

After attending this online workshop, the participants shall be able to:

1.      Use various google applications to reach and teach the leaners;

2.      Create virtual classroom using Google Classroom;

3.      Develop eResources using various FOSS tools;

4.      Identify OER for teaching and learning purposes; and

5.      Use social media to communicate educational content.