The Introduction to Computers course will prepare future entrepreneurs to operate
computer hardware and software applications. Participants will gain an understanding of
computer hardware, operating systems, office applications and networks. It will ensure the entrepreneur is able to apply the concepts of networks, the Internet, World Wide Web, and mobile technologies and how they could potentially support a successful business operation.

This is a course on “Introduction to DTP”. This course is designed as an introduction to desk top publishing which is the process of using the computer and specific types of software to combine text and graphics to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, etc. Before the invention of desktop publishing software the tasks involved in desktop publishing were done manually, by a variety of people and involved both graphic design and prepress tasks. Now-a-days, with the help of desktop publishing softwares it becomes easier to create desktop publishing documents used for commercial printing or electronic distribution including PDF, slide shows, email newsletters, and the Web. A particularly important feature of desktop publishing systems is that they enables us to see on the display screen exactly how the document will appear when printed. Systems that support this feature are called WYSIWYGs (What You See Is What You Get).